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Hormonological Examinations
Sotiriadis G. Stelios - Medical Microbiologist - Biopathologist - Neapoli Thessaloniki


Welcome to the Microbiological Laboratory of Sotiriadis G. Stelios, Medical Microbiologist - Biopathologist. Based in Neapoli, Thessaloniki, our laboratory undertakes hormonal tests.

Hormonal tests are critical in investigating and evaluating the hormonal balance in the body. In our laboratory, we use modern methods and reliable equipment to perform accurate and reliable hormonal tests.

Our specialized doctors and technicians have the experience and knowledge to perform hormonal tests with precision and sensitivity. We follow all protocols and guidelines to ensure reliability and accuracy of results.


At our lab, we understand the importance of hormonal balance to health and wellness. We provide a friendly and humane environment where our patients are treated with respect and service.

Our commitment to the quality and accuracy of hormonal tests makes the Microbiological Laboratory of Sotiriadis G. Stelios the ideal destination for investigating and monitoring your hormonal health. We aim to deliver reliable results and give you the answers and support you need to manage your health.