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Cancer Markers
Sotiriadis G. Stelios - Medical Microbiologist - Biopathologist - Neapoli Thessaloniki


Welcome to the Microbiological Laboratory of Sotiriadis G. Stelios, Medical Microbiologist - Biopathologist. Based in Neapolis, Thessaloniki, our laboratory specializes in performing tests for cancer markers.

Cancer markers are biochemical, molecular or immunological variables that give us information about the presence or progression of cancer in the body. In our laboratory, we have high-tech equipment and specialized personnel who can perform accurate and reliable tests for cancer markers.

In our laboratory, we pay special attention to the quality and reliability of the results. We use sophisticated detection and analysis methods to ensure accurate and reliable results, which can be used for cancer prevention, diagnosis and monitoring.


Tests for cancer markers are performed by experienced scientists and technicians with expertise in the field of microbiology and biopathology. Our team is dedicated to providing accurate and valid tests and offers a high level of service to all patients.

At the Microbiological Laboratory of Sotiriadis G. Stelios, we understand the importance of early diagnosis and effective treatment of cancer. Because each case is unique, we offer a specialized and individual approach, taking into account the needs and special requirements of each patient.

Trust the Microbiological Laboratory of Sotiriadis G. Stelios for cancer marker tests and trust the reliability and professional care of our team for your health.